Botanists of the Asphalt


The City Arts & Music Project (The CAMP) is a new temporary space located on City Road, Shoreditch. Designed by Andres Ros of Central Saint Martins, it fashionably nestles somewhere between a Café, Gallery and a late-night Bar. The CAMP is committed to a progressive arts program and will invite guest curators to produce three exhibitions over a three-month period, acting as a multi-disciplinary platform for emerging and established artists both locally and internationally. The initiative is an alternative space to exhibit artists’ work, creating a community atmosphere in the process.

Wayne ChisnallThe first exhibition, Botanists of the Asphalt, is inspired by the Baudelairean figure of the flâneur, inviting the viewer to experience the city through the eyes of the artists. In Baudelaire prose and poems, the “flâneur” designates a nineteenth century urban bohemian who wanders the city streets aimlessly, collecting impressions of modern life; alienated by the city and yet at one with it. According to him, the artist is the perfect candidate to fulfil this role of observer and capture the multiple facets of the metropolis.

Several artists have undertaken this urban inquisition to explore what attracts, repulses and stirs them about the city. Buildings, faces, stimuli and experience become instruments to their creative process, resulting in a multitude of narratives which are developed through sculpture, photography, video, installations and illustration. The artists involved in this exhibition are Wayne Chisnall, Ruth Pickard, David Macdiarmid, Kerim Aytak, David London and Aisling Roycroft.

The Campe Presents ‘Botanists of the Asphalt’. Dates: 3rd December 2009 – 5th January 2010. Address: The City Arts & Music Project, 70-74 City Road, London, EC1Y 2BJ. Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday: 11am – 11pm, Friday: 11am – 1am, Saturday 7pm-1am. Nearest Tube: Liverpool Street or Old Street. Entry is free.


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