Je t’aime Contemporary French Art


Pure Evil Gallery in conjunction with Gallery Nosco are launching a new exhibition called Je t’aime – an exciting display of important new works from five emerging French artists; Dran, Bom.K, Remy Uno, Jaw and Heng. The exhibition will run from 5th June to 6th July at Pure Evil Gallery on Leonard Street, London.

Je t'aimeUsing a mixture of sculpture, installation, painting and drawings, the artists transform the gallery and engage with the viewer in an interactive assault on the senses. They flirt with political satire and juxtapose intricate and disturbingly graphic pornography; in essence they succeed in roughly seducing the viewer with their vision of a darkly humorous reality.

In contrast with the typical politically based critique of contemporary arts engagement, Je t’aime launches a sophisticated attack from a refined angle; its soft yet forceful blows resonating its relentless message, engaging the audience by playing with a mixture of media to create a sensual experience.

About the Artists:

Hailed as “a gift to London” by fellow street artist C215, the multi-faceted French artist Dran has been painting since 1997, using a variety of media to convey his cynically corrosive viewpoint. This is his first show in London, though he has exhibited widely at an international level. His dark and comical sculptural installations depict a cynical way of commenting on our capitalist culture; he explores a variety of media including working with taxidermy and intricate pencil drawings.

Free PartyDran’s sculptural installations include works such as Free Party – a congregation of taxidermy chicks frozen in time, in an eternal dance in the midst of a rave, positioned next to a huge sound system and booming speakers, captivated by the music played to them by the DJ – a taxidermy weasel on the decks. Empty beer cans surround them, along with cigarette butts and crushed half-consumed disco biscuits. Said to create a little sculptural world around his artworks, he succeeds in drawing the viewer in to his own warped reality.

Bom. K was born in 1973 and he lives and works in Paris. He has been painting graffiti since he was fifteen and has exhibited widely in galleries throughout France for the last five years. Bom. K’s delicate pencil drawings are a stark contrast to the sometimes pornographic and often brutal subject matter he chooses. He has earned his place at the top of the French graffiti scene since his release of the book HB Black Trace in 2007.

Je t'aimeHeng‘s fanatical obsession with perspectives, lines, construction, structure and space translate onto the canvas and street in a depiction of cityscapes around the world inspired by his travels. His recent work includes painting industrial machinery, cranes and trucks, all vital elements contributing to the creation of the order of the cities. Heng has been painting for the last eight years and has exhibited widely in the last four years in numerous group shows across Paris and Marseille. This is his first show in London.

Remy Uno lives and works in Marseille, France. He first started painting in the streets 12 years ago, and his work has since appeared on walls and galleries across the world, including Mexico, New York and Brazil. Remy Uno’s slashed layered portraits on canvas are a subtle emotive depiction of quietly aggressive poetry, the textured faces revealing themselves subtly with more and more depth as the viewer acquaints himself with the layered and torn canvas.

Jaw was born in 1982 and has been painting since the age of 15. The production of his first illustration book La France D’en Bas was a storming success and led to a rapid increase in demand for his commercial work, with big name brands and the foundation of a design studio. His contemporary paintings have since developed a unique poetic and eclectic photorealist style. He has exhibited internationally throughout New York, Spain, Belgium, France and Mexico over the last five years. This is his first show in London.

The exhibition will be open daily from 10am to 6pm at Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4XS. The exhibition runs from 5th June until 6th July.


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