Wonderlandism in Brompton


Part gallery, part open-studio, Anonymous Artists Presents is a series of pop-up residencies focusing on hypothetical design movements and ways of thinking. During the course of a week, five designers explore the parameters of a given hypothetical ideology by creating work ranging from textiles, ceramics, products, illustration and installations. Open to the public during the day, the designers’ creative process and evolving work are constantly on display in a derelict shop in the heart of the Brompton Quarter. The first in the series is Wonderlandism, featuring award-winning designers Lizzie Mary Cullen, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Jessica Light, Natalie Moore and Zoe Murphy.

WondelandismWonderlandism is a way of creating work by tapping into surrealist visions, mad-cap ingenuity and off the wall thinking. It combines the acid-driven visions from the Sixties, the opium-fueled Victorian tales and Daliesque ways of interpreting the world around us. It’s a fantastical vision of the world where anything can combine and anything is possible, where objects do not need to have a purpose or necessarily need to make sense. It is a movement that infuses its creations with narrative and social commentary in order to create work that questions the status quo.

Anonymous Artists provides a platform for emerging designers to come together and explore a new way of thinking within a collective environment. Often working independently without enough space to develop larger pieces of work, the pop-up open studio acts as a temporary hive of activity for five designers to develop alternative creative processes as well as create new work in a supporting and reflective environment.

By creating a studio culture where artists and designers create, question and develop their work in front of the general public, a particular hypothetical ideology is defined and explored. The aim is to inspire both the designers and visitors to create new work, consider alternative creative ideologies and reflect on the role of particular strands of thinking in play in today’s creative industries.

Open to the public from 10am to 6.30pm daily. Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th March, 203 Brompton Road, Kensington, London SW3 1LA.


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