Pure Evil Exhibition


Following international solo shows in Beijing, Sydney and Sao Paolo, artist PURE EVIL presents his first London solo show in two years at his Pure Evil Gallery in Leonard Street, opening 13th August.

pureevilThe exhibition features a series of five American Landscape Paintings and a series of Lost Innocence artworks. For those who choose to descend into the basement of the Pure Evil Gallery, the show steps up a notch. Take a trip inside the dark mind of Pure Evil with a kaleidoscopic journey through his psychedelic headspace where images collide to create an eclectic world of original artworks with a dark gallows humour.

The show also incudes a live soundtrack of experimental music amplified on an unique handcrafted valve sound system. Six months ago a fully equipped music studio was set up in the basement and this will be the first performance of music created by Pure Evil in collaboration with Prehistoric Man. For a preview on itunes, please visit http://pureevil.podbean.com.

You have been promised :

1. American Landscape Paintings
2. Images of Lost innocence
3. Trippy Art downstairs in the basement
4. Very Loud music played on a big wooden soundsystem
5. Beer and Jolly Japes

For more information contact: Pure Evil Gallery, 108 Leonard st, London EC2A 4RH or visit the website at http://www.pureevil.eu. Gallery Hours:10am – 6pm daily or by appointment.


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