Celebrity Chefs Donate Recipes


International disaster relief charity ShelterBox has teamed up with celebrity chefs to produce mouth-watering recipes to mark ‘Big Green Box Week’ from 18-25 May and promote the charity’s work in providing emergency shelter to those affected by disasters.

Marcus WareingAnthony Worrall Thompson, Rick Stein, James Martin, Marcus Wareing, Marty Berry, Liz McCaldron as well as Master Chef winner Mat Follas have all contributed their favourite recipes to the Cornwall-based charity. Dishes include a Kitchen Sink Sandwich, Lambs and Roast Pots with Dumplings and – for those with a very sweet tooth – a Hokey Pokey. The Big Green Box Week recipe book can be downloaded from the charity’s website.

“We are encouraging everyone to try at least one of the recipes during Big Green Box Week,” says Becky Maynard, Fundraising Manager, at the Cornwall-based charity. “Why not hold a dinner party and ask each guest to make a donation to ShelterBox rather than bringing a bottle of wine or a box of chocolates? It’s fun way to spend time with your friends and help a good cause.”

Since 2001 ShelterBox has worked in over 80 disasters in more than 50 countries, providing desperately needed shelter and equipment to more than 600,000 people. The Cornwall-based charity is currently working in four countries – the Philippines, Brazil, Sri Lanka and Pakistan – getting emergency shelter to thousands of people who have lost their home through no fault of their own.


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