Family Recipes Online


Mother-of-three Carol Savage won £100,000 of investment from Deborah Meaden on Dragon’s Den to set up, a website offering family recipes, written by the public for the public.

mydish websiteThe idea behind the site is to preserve and protect those special recipes that have been handed down through generations of families, as well as new recipes and personal favourites, and to share all of these with the masses. Several websites already exist that do similar things, but the MyDish website is family-focussed, nicely laid out, easy to use and being UK-centric, it will be attractive to web users in Britain who don’t know what ‘cilantro’ is, but who nonetheless adore the multicultural landscape of our culinary heritage.

The site will be making money by selling advertising space, but they will need to be selling a lot of ad space to turn a profit. The website also relies entirely on the public wanting to donate these recipes to the masses. In most cases people are willing to do this, and they already have an impressive array of recipes to choose from.

Having had a quick browse, it appears to be a useful site if you are seeking inspiration for a dinner party or for something a bit different during the week, especially when you have exhausted your cookery book selection. It has a ‘World Cooking’ category too, broken down into major regions, allowing users to find genuine Indian home-cooked curry recipes, for example, which is certainly of interest to all those foodies out there who revel in the discovery of new dishes and hearty home-cooked food.


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