Summer Wine Selection


Summer is upon us. We might even be blessed with some good weather in Blighty, stranger things have happened. So to go with all those summer dinner parties you have planned, here are two wines that should satisfy the palates of the most discerning of guests. If, that is, you can bring yourself to share these magnificent plonks:

AmaralAmaral Sauvignon Blanc from Leyda Valley, Chile, 2008

Ripe and round, medium bodied, crisp and refreshing with grassy aromas and hints of pear and tropical fruit. Planted in a terroir that reaps the rewards of granite soils with rich alluvial deposits, a gentle maritime climate and the cooling influences of the Humboldt Current. Finesse and purity of flavour is the signature style of this wine. Average price £7.15 a bottle.

SolarSolar de Samaniego Rioja Reserva, Bodegas Alavesas, Spain, 2000

92% Tempranillo, 8% Graciano. Savoury, gamey notes come through on the nose, with dried fruit, wood-smoke and tobacco on the palate. A moderately dense and infinitely enjoyable Rioja. The type of wine you can’t help but sniff and sip incessantly until there is nothing left. Breathe well and enjoy the aromas. Average price £12.99 a bottle.

We have more wine selections coming soon, plus a round-up of the recent London International Wine Fair, what’s hot and which bottles you should be looking out for. Bottoms up!


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