Lady Stirling likes to cook, which is great as I love to eat.  Many are her talents in the kitchen and many are mine at the table: diner, poker and operating – and when I say operating please picture the scene in Spies Like Us: “And now, the first incision.”  I rarely get to wield a scalpel these days, but conversely I am always ready for a new treat at the dining table. Lucky for me our very good friends at unearthed were good enough to send over a small feast of treats to keep me going until the main course arrived from the kitchen.

To start my merry little feast I dipped into the aged Greek feta, followed quickly by a mouthful of Spanish chorizo.  Very nice.  The stuffed olives were next, a quick gulp of wine and then back to the feta. Lady Stirling was going to have to work hard to follow this.

unearthed was started in back in 2008 and since then team have been searching long and hard for expert regional producers and their authentic take on the foods they create.  It sounds like hard work to me, darting off to Brittany for the Duck Mousse, a quick race over to Le Mans for some award-winning Rillettes, then shooting over to Aveyron for some exceptional Saucisson Sec. As they say on the website, “That was just France”. Bring on the rest of the world, I say.

By the time dinner arrived I was almost too full of the delights from unearthed to enjoy it. Almost.

unearthed foods are available from Waitrose, Abel and Cole and Ocado. For more information, visit their website.


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