Chocolate Brioche Poached Pear


Another delectable recipe courtesy of chef Andrew Dargue, a chocolate brioche and poached pear with Poire William ganache and salted walnut milk. If you’re feeling brave, give it a go! It will certainly impress your dinner party guests.


Chocolate Brioche and Poached Pear1 loaf of chocolate brioche
6 William pears
400g granulated sugar
1 lemon, juiced
100g shelled walnuts
100ml full fat milk
120g 70% dark chocolate
180g whipping cream
40ml Poire William
1 vanilla pod split open



• Peel the pears and take out the cores.
• Add the pears to a pan with half of the sugar, lemon juice and the vanilla pod, cover with water and simmer until pears are soft. Then take out of the liquid and allow to cool.
• Take the remaining pear stock and reduce until it’s a syrupy consistency.


• Heat the cream and then add the chocolate and stir until melted. Allow to cool a little then fold in the spirit.
• Pour into containers, add to the freezer and allow to set.

Walnut Milk

• Add the rest of the sugar to a large pan with the milk and walnuts.
• Simmer for around 10 minutes being careful not to let it boil over.
• Cool a little and then blend until smooth. Pass through a sieve to remove any small pieces and then season with a sprinkle of salt. Cool.


Spread a spoonful of the walnut milk onto a plate. Cut the brioche into small pieces and drizzle over some of the vanilla syrup. Slice the pears and arrange them over the brioche. Add the ganache and serve.


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