A Tipple for Mother


Our friends at Tamarai have been busy creating delight and delectation in a glass for our long-suffering and well-deserving mothers, wives and girlfriends with a bespoke cocktail.

Specifically designed by their in-house booze jugglers for the fast approaching Mother’s Day, it is ideal if, like me, you are unable to process the need to spoil said ladies due to the amount of Bowmore drunk with friends at the club in the lead up to Sunday’s merriments. So why not combine the two areas of passion in your life and spoil your loved lady to a ‘Mon Cherrie’ either by following the detailed recipe below or by visiting the establishment in person. Try to remember to take mother with you – I have a feeling my legacy is not as secure as it once was; I urge you to protect yours!

The Mon Cherrie Cocktail by Tamarai

Glass: Bubble Frappe

• ½ a passion fruit
• 1 dash orange bitter
• 5ML Mozart Black
• 5ML passion fruit syrup
• 50ML Wisniowka Cherry Vodka
• 25ML cloudy apple juice

• Shake
• Double strain into glass

• Marashino cherries in the bubble and orange twist over the drink

Tamarai, 167 Drury Lane, Covent Garden, London. Tel. 020 7831 9399. Website.


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