Château Léoube, Rosé de Léoube


The weather is clement, very clement for this time of year – God bless the weather. Snow drifts at the end of October? I don’t think so. So while you still can get out the house, and your electricity bill hasn’t plopped through your letter box ridding you of the last of your stash, pop out and buy a couple bottles of Château Léoube, Rosé de Léoube. It is light and fresh, not too sweet and goes very well indeed with a light lunch in the arbour, and afternoon in the garden or an evening by the BBQ. Is that sea bass with lemon grass and chilli ready yet?

But Stirling, I hear you cry, are you mad, it’s October and winter is nigh around the corner, what the hell are you doing outside with a barbeque? Perhaps you are right, but inclement weather has never stopped me yet and the barbeque will sit ready just in case I can squeeze the goose into it on Christmas morning.

Perhaps for those of you who are thinking about the change of season, you should also consider chilling a couple of bottles for your return from bonfire night or the stampede of trick-or-treating, at the very least when the little rascals arrive at your door with chainsaw and rusty pliers you’ll have something to calm your nerves and cool your temper. And let’s not forget about the big day itself, Christmas. Not too many sleeps until the grizzled old man pops into my bedroom and leaves me something nice in my stocking – an AP stocking no less – and I awake the next morning feeling ready for some salmon, egg and a glass of light, crisply refreshing rose. Picture me reaching for a bottle, picture me in my silk house cat, picture me opening another pair of knitted socks from Aunt Amelia and picture me casting them aside to up my glass. Is it too early to say Happy Christmas?

Château Léoube Rosé de Léoube is available from Daylesford Organic, Corney & Barrow and Rose Wine. RRP £13.99.


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