Ruinart Interpretation


If, like the hard working team at The Arbuturian, you are always looking for ways to educate as well as entertain your dinner guests (other than with your culinary genius), look no further than Ruinart’s latest initiative for tasting and discovering wine: The ‘Blanc de Blancs’ gift box.

The giftbox contains a bottle of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and eight vials each containing one of the principal aromas that make up its bouquet (jasmine, lemon, citron, pineapple, peach, pink peppercorn, ginger and cardamom). Picture the scene – dinner is over, your jokes have fallen flat, the chocolate soufflé was poor, but fear not. Up your sleeve you have one last weapon; you wheel out the gift box to gasps of amazement, wonderment and trepidation – excitement has not been this tangible since the cheese table lid was lifted for the first time at Wild Honey.

Then follows a journey of discovery as you work your way through each scent and do your best to match them to the correct aroma card – of course the winner gets the rest of bottle, the faux pas with the chocolate soufflé is forgotten and that ‘questionable’ joke about the bishop, actress, a night in a Goring suite and the poodle has been squirreled away, nay forgotten – all that remains are the delicate scents and wonderful buzz from a glass of prestigious champagne. Anyone for dinner?

Now stocked at Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges for £85.


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