Sparkling Words


Pratham, an international charity initiated by UNICEF that is dedicated to erasing illiteracy and helping under-privileged children in India with reading, writing and basic arithmetic, has collaborated with Mayfair-based jewellers, Jooal, known for their rare coloured gemstone designs, to create a diamond pendant based on the Sanskrit letters of the alphabet, marking the launch of a new campaign, “Right to Read”.

Jooal pendantThe Signature Collection pendant (£360) features a single letter or initial in white gold, encrusted in diamonds, to represent a personal name or meaning, making it a suitable gift choice. Proceeds from each pendant will fund a program to educate 180 children for an entire year in nine villages, or buy three Pratham libraries that will reach 450 children. One pendant could rescue 30 children from the streets in India, or provide education, medical care and nutrition for one year. The innovative collaboration is a self-sustaining initiative with no cost to Pratham, and also marks the first initiative of this kind for the charity.

The pendants are available to purchase at Jooal or online at


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