Toy Story


If you’re in the vicinity of Elder Street this week, pop in and see our amazing Frieze-week exhibition of Sandro Kopp’s work. Fiercely Loved is a series of richly detailed oil paintings of beloved soft toys, given the resplendent Old Master-ish treatment usually reserved for royals and saints. Here, Goully (Kopp’s own treasured childhood companion), Snoopy, Liony, Piggy, Teddy, Fant and the rest display the scars of fervent kiddie-affection – worn fur, missing eyes, dangling tusks – with stoic forbearance; clung to, then cast aside. It’s poignant and powerful stuff, and when I first saw Sandro’s work on a visit to his studio in Nairn, while we were making the Horiyoshi III film with his partner, Tilda Swinton, I knew it would look striking on the Elder Street walls. We launched the show on Monday with a private view (‘Brad’ from, L.A, a fan of Sandro’s work, dropped by the previous day for an even private-r private view), and I think I can safely say it was the only occasion when Paul O’Grady and Wes Anderson have knowingly been in the same room.