iPhone Event Radar


With the rising popularity of the iPhone and its associated applications, consumers are dazzled and dismayed by the choice on offer, from handheld games to spirit levels and applications that will do the ironing for you (we just made that up, but it would be nice if someone could invent that, please).

The radarOne application, however, that readers may wish to investigate, is the ‘Event Radar’ from the London listings website, Spoonfed. It’s a location-based iPhone application that puts thousands of events at your fingertips, wherever you are, whenever you want and is available to download for free from the iPhone application store.

It includes over 30,000 London-based events listed every month, including listings for live music, comedy, theatre and exhibitions. The application displays all the information you need including the location, times, cost, distance and a detailed preview of what to expect.

The Spoonfed radar is free to download, available direct from the iTunes store. Please note that we have not tested the application yet and cannot be held responsible if your iPhone explodes, melts or develops a neurotic disorder.


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