Lara Bohinc Martini Glasses


Charles Tanqueray broke the mould of family tradition when he decided to become a distiller rather than join the clergy as his forefathers had done. 179 years later, and the company which has turned his name into a luxury brand of London Dry Gin, is now breaking the mould of traditional glass design with their Tanqueray No.TEN Martini Collection, designed by one of fashion’s most dynamic and innovative bright-young-things, Lara Bohinc.

Lara Bohinc GlassesBohinc’s creative vision has brought to life a luxurious set of martini glasses, hand-crafted from fine crystal with a hand-painted cuff around the body of the glass; echoing the dynamics of Lara’s own designs whilst incorporating the sophistication of the Tanqueray No.TEN bottle.

Having worked with the cream of the fashion world, Bohinc’s design of jewellery, bags and accessories is renowned for its union of the classic and modern, with the bold use of precious metal becoming something of a design signature. Her creations have adorned fashion icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson and are known for their refined elegance and entrancing individuality. Now, for the first time, she brings this expertise to glass design in a creation that perfectly embodies the timeless glamour evoked by the martini cocktail itself.

“My collection aims to bring the aesthetic of the martini lifestyle into the home – the perfect martini is as much about the ritual of service and presentation as it is about the taste. An elegant set of glasses is vital in creating the right ambience in which to savour the flavours of the drink.”

Bohinc’s inspiration for the collection came from a building in Brasilia designed by the architect Oscar Neimeyer – an ‘upside down building’ as Lara describes it. “With these glasses my intention was to mirror the explosion of taste you experience when you sip a great martini for the first time. The sand blasted glass of the stem crescendos up to into the density of the metal coil, before you can finally relish the clarity of the glass.”

The glasses and the 70cl Tanqueray No.TEN bottle that sit alongside them will be showcased in a luxury gift box. Priced at £100, The Tanqueray No.TEN Martini Collection by Lara Bohinc is available now, exclusively from Harvey Nichols.

For more information, please visit the Harvey Nichols website.


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