Jane Finch: Hollywood Starlet


Jane Finch is a Hollywood starlet living in the resplendent environs of Beverly Hills. She’s a celebrity-actress-model who spends her days being chauffeured from yoga class to casting session to fashion boutique to exclusive pool party with Hollywood’s glitterati. Somewhere in all that she finds time to make videos for her loyal fans, answering readers’ questions about her glamorous life in LA-LA-Land, about her loves, hates and dreams. Send her jewels (with the receipt) and she will love you forever (but don’t hold her to that).


To ask Jane a question for her next video, please post a remark in the comments box below. She’ll look forward to reading your fan mail. You can also worship her on Twitter.



  1. Mark Masters on

    Brilliant! This woman delights me to no end. I hope there will be more from her. Bravo to Jane and Bravo to The Arbuturian!

  2. But! Do you still play clarinet and whip all of your opponents at tennis? :!)

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