Urban Eco Chic


The terms ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘urban chic’ are not traditional bedfellows, but this is all set to change. Renowned eco-style guru Oliver Heath believes in the importance of achieving a balance between function and style, and reducing one’s environmental impact. In his timely new book, Urban Eco Chic, he shows how we can incorporate eco-friendly design into our homes by combining chic aesthetic ideas with functional eco know-how.

Urban Eco coverThe unique eco style that Heath has evolved is based around the three concepts of technology, nature and vintage. He promotes a design philosophy that combines the use of pionerring technologies powered by the least possible amount of energy, sustainable natural materials that leave the lightest impact on the earth, and recycled or recyclable products, such as vintage furniture and accessories that limit the resources used in the creation of interiors and homewares. The result is a contemporary style that is ethical, eco-conscious and yet as individual as each homeowner.

In his new book, the reader will find ways to incorporate eco-friendly technologies into their home and lifestyle changes into their routine, reduce their carbon footprint, learn about sustainable building materials for walls, floors and other surfaces, and be able to follow a room-by-room guide to applying ‘Urban Eco Chic’ to their environment, from floors to furnishings. For the style-minded eco-warriors out there, Heath’s book may prove to be a valuable guide. And when you’re finished with it, you can pulp the paper and turn it into insulation.

Urban Eco Chic By Oliver Heath. Price: £14.99, paperback (due February 2010, hard-back edition already available).


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