A Missive From Lawrence in…


Lawrence, as ever, is not to be found on these green and pleasant shores. As The Arbuturian’s travel correspondent and our international man of mystery, T.W. is presently roaming intercontinental waters in search of anything that catches his eye and inspires him to scribble down his thoughts for the benefit of our readers. Call it armchair travelling if you will, but a missive from Lawrence is a view into another world, a place where brave men tread carefully and the foolish are not heard from again.

Giddyup!This time Lawrence is on friendlier turf and able to leave his yashmak at home, instead turning to his urban wardrobe. He is presently moving from New York up to Toronto, before jetting back across the Atlantic to Vienna, Salzburg and Dubrovnik, with a pit stop in London to check his post and show his face in the office.

Meanwhile, we’ll be eagerly awaiting his reports, via Blackberry, internet cafe or a message in a bottle (we wouldn’t put it past him). Ladies and gentlemen, watch this space.


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