Room Atlas


Finding the perfect hotel can be a time-consuming endeavour, but a new booking provider called simplifies matters with an interactive map, combining key information sources including TripAdvisor and Street View to help travellers make better informed choices in less time.

Screen shotDiligent hotel shoppers may normally search Expedia for hotels, TripAdvisor for reviews, Google Maps for location, Street View for a walk around the neighbourhood and Wikipedia to find out more about the surroundings. RoomAtlas integrates all those sites through a simple, interactive map to make choosing a hotel quicker and easier.

The website sources over 50,000 hotels from Expedia and with live pricing and availability. While they do not list every hotel in every city – with notable absences of certain boutique and high-end establishments – the website is certainly useful in the planning of a holiday to compare average room rates, and to find a last minute room for a conference or a business trip where a more luxurious hotel is not wanted.

RoomAtlas is available at


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