The Marvellous Dorians


Award winning comedians, The Marvellous Dorians, are combining their love for laughs and liquor with London’s first and only comedy supper club. Guests will enjoy a three course ‘feen deening’ experience within an improvised comedy setting taking place at the restaurant.

The action of eating out and watching live comedy combine under the pretence of incompetence, absurdity, cabaret acts and spontaneous interaction between the restaurateurs and diners. In London for just two shows this summer, 2nd and 3rd June, the comedians will return from performing at their spiritual home in Edinburgh for further autumn shows in the capital.

The Marvellous Dorians have been declared as ‘people set to define the next generation’ by Vogue, and are winners of a Time Out Critics Choice award. They are a comedy duo hailing from London, who met and established the partnership at Sheffield University in 2007. They are called The Marvellous Dorians because both were likened to Dorian Gray by ex-girlfriends because they are outrageously good looking but have black hearts. Like characters from Hollyoaks. Soon magic tricks and hypnosis became part of their repertoire and after laughing at their self-professed comic genius, they decided to script their actions.

Emeka is the brains behind this whole sorry operation. He watched Teachers on Channel 4 and thought ‘that’s what I want to do’. He did a law degree. That was a mistake. But he does now have a law degree. Emeka sometimes also writes poetry under the guise of The Paper Tiger. If he could graffiti, that would be his tag. But he can’t, so it isn’t. He used to be a kleptomaniac but karma rectified that. The best thing he ever stole was a sewing machine.

Luke is the beauty behind the whole sorry operation. When in Edinburgh in 2010, he amassed a fan club consisting entirely of 15 year-old EMO girls and gay men. Luke is genuinely a public school boy, but is ashamed of this and consequently has affected a mockney accent akin to Jamie Oliver’s. Luke’s a hypochondriac, smokes Marlboro Lights even though he can’t afford to, is scared of drugs, likes dubstep and if he had to shag any man it would be Tom Hardy. You have been warned.

The Marvellous Dorians will appear on 2nd and 3rd June at The Mission Room, 26 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4Q. 7pm until late. Tickets are £25 including 3 course dinner and comedy show. Tickets available at:


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