Iced Teas at Hush


Summer’s had a faltering start this year. Like a car engine with a crank handle, June seemed to cough and splutter on occasion but it ran idle and cold for the most part. Then, last week, on the cusp of July, it roared into life and hit 4,000 rpm in one afternoon as if suddenly realising it had a job to do.

Once they arrive, as a rule, summers are a welcome season anywhere but a sweltering city can take all the fun out of the fine weather. With that in mind, there is one place offering the perfect respite from a muggy summer’s day.

Tucked away in a secluded cobbled Mayfair courtyard, the fittingly-monikered Hush offers sanctity away from a bustling Bond street and, in such surroundings, they’ve come up with the perfect antidote to a sweltering summer’s shopping trip: a range of iced teas.

These aren’t iced teas in the traditional sense, nor are they the punishing alcoholic concoctions favoured by themed cocktail bars in the 90s, these are scintillating, thirst-quenchers more refreshing than an instant dip in an Arctic sink hole. The rather creatively-concocted Jasmine & Strawberry, Chamomile & Peach, Summer Rose and Ginger & Lemon, these guilt-free thirst-quenchers are just the ticket to take the heat out of the midday sun. You can add the guilt, too, if you wish. Each are designed to be spiked with a dash of Hendrick’s gin making these an enticing alternative to Pimms for a sundowner after work.

And it doesn’t stop there. As if you needed more, sorbets complementing the flavours make a nice accompaniment to the drinks and completing the mad dogs and Englishmen line-up, a Victoriana ice cream bike is on hand, doing the rounds offering home-made classics but also a few new confections such as the enigmatically oxymoronic salted fudge.

It’s a clever idea that they’ve come up with. I often find that with the onset of summer comes the ennui of quite what to drink of an afternoon. Among the pubs and bars spilling throngs onto Soho streets, the non-alcoholic defaults of orange juice and lemonade or lime and soda lack excitement and cocktails and evening staples defeat the object as thirst-quenchers. At Hush, an outdoor space set back from a crowded roadside, there’s a rather more relaxing, sophisticated alternative…

Iced teas and ice-creams are available throughout the summer at Hush Brasserie, Mayfair (8 Lancashire Court, Brook Street, London W1). For more information visit their website.


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