Eileen Fisher


Established in 1984, and with 55 stores across 18 US states, the brand Eileen Fisher is now expanding into the UK fashion market, opening a store at St Martin’s Courtyard in Covent Garden on Thursday 6th, followed by a store on Marylebone High Street on Sunday 9th. The brand was formerly a favourite of affluent middle-aged women, passionate about the generously cut, washable designs, which included kimono shapes and flared, floppy trousers. A brand devotee once told the NY Times: “It’s a safe way to be bohemian in a grown-up world.”

But as with any brand that wants to move with the times in the fast-paced fashion environment, Eileen Fisher set out to attract a more style and image-conscious, youth market in 2009. After a facelift which subtly tweaked its main lines and highlighted existing designs – perhaps not previously marketed to a younger customer – in came skinny tank tops, leggings, jeans, T-shirts in brights, sequined tunics, metallic vests, a cotton biker jacket and trimmed-down cardigans; along with a new line of ad campaigns featuring models with attitude, replacing the former silver-haired mum’s in comfortable trousers.

In pursuit of a new ‘hot and hip’ customer, the brand was careful not to alienate its existing customer base, and it now caters for a mix of loyal, trend-driven women, from their early 20s through to their 50s. As designer Fisher herself says: “We’re creating a hipper image to reach a broader range of customers. When the garment is right, it works for my daughter and for me. I still believe great clothes should be timeless and ageless.”

For more information, head to the brand’s official website here.


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