The Shoes Always Tell the Truth


As the clouds disappear and winter retreats, the invitations for fabulous summer parties, romantic escapades and cocktail soirées begin to arrive. You’re wearing your gorgeous Prada print dress, have your new ‘do’ and perfectly manicured nails, yet for some bizarre reason you’ve decided to sport some seriously ugly footwear and a handbag that even granny wouldn’t collect her pension with. If anything, your accessories are even more important than your clothes and one should definitely invest here. A cheap handbag fraying at the seams is hideous and I imagine it does little for a woman’s confidence. Nothing gives you a boost quite like a luxurious accessory.

I have been in love with this Bottega Veneta clutch for the longest time. The intricate trademark leather weaving and soft satin lining ooze understated sophistication and timeless chic. Small but fabulous, and besides, other than lip gloss, credit card, keys and £20 for your taxi home, what else does a woman need on a night out? Available in a range of colours, this clutch is a must and the black version has its very own spot on my birthday wish list.

Perhaps my almost-thirty self is a little too obsessed with protecting against wrinkles or perhaps I just like the film star allure of wearing sunglasses. A little of both, if I’m being honest. I wear sunglasses year-round, though given that they generally don’t come with automatic wipers, I leave them at home on rainy days. If Julianne Moore can wear these stunning Tom Ford sunglasses, so can you! You want to look gorgeously glamorous, not as though you’re on the run from Interpol so choose carefully, and don’t forget to consider your face shape and your hairstyle.

Unless you’re strutting down the catwalk or spend the evenings twirling your body around a pole, shoes higher than 4 inches are a no-no. You cannot walk in them so no matter how cute they are or how good actress X looked in them, if you’re unable to walk from your apartment door to the taxi without looking like you’ve sprained something, they’re not for you. These grown-up, girly satin sandals from Lanvin are a perfect choice for a night out: feminine, soft mother-of-pearl tones with a crystal embellishment which captivates you on first-sight. My birthday wish list is growing…

So ladies, before you even think of leaving home wearing the dress of a goddess and the shoes of a tramp, remember one of my favourite quotations: “The eyes can mislead, a smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth”.


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