Milla’s Guide to Sassy Swimwear


There will be no naming and shaming, but having recently seen an image of a voluptuous and beautiful British personality roaming around Bondi beach in a burkini, I feel it is my duty to bring some alternative swimwear to your attention. Our clothing not only helps make a good first impression, but also covers our modesty, which explains why so many women go haywire during bikini season, not to mention the endless stream of models and stars seemingly mocking our every effort to look carefree and, well, hot.

Choosing a design or style you like is the easy part, finding something to fit your figure on the other hand, can be pure torture. Imagine strutting your stuff down Sloane Street in little more than your lingerie without your favourite 4-inch heels to give you that much needed lift. Not appealing to you? Well that’s pretty much what you’ll be doing on the beach except there’ll be no Valentino store to distract you. It takes time, so no last-minute shopping at duty-free en route to Tahiti.

Whether you’re cruising along the Riviera or dipping your perfectly pedicured feet into the Pacific Ocean, a figure-flattering piece of swimwear is a must. The ‘one style fits all’ notion does not apply here and it really is worth taking advantage of the lingerie and swimwear fitting service offered by most good department stores. Going for a fitting may seem somewhat over-the-top, but you wouldn’t wear an ill-fitting bra, so why wear a bikini top that’s two sizes too small? Fortunately, most brands sell their bikinis as individual pieces, which suits women like me whose upper and lower body differs in size.

Some general rules are:

For slimmer figures – Triangle bikinis like this Ralph Lauren number (pictured above) look great on women with a slim figure and a smaller bust. Personally I like bandeau tops as they add a little something to my shape. Tie bottoms look great on svelte legs but be careful to tie them properly!

If you prefer a one-piece swimsuit, choose a style to highlight your waist and give you shape. Hervé Léger designed a swimsuit (pictured left) with my name written all over it! The two-tone piece is perfect for sipping cocktails by the beach and maximising your assets.

For curvier shapes – Balcony shapes such as this Diane Von Furstenberg black and white print number (see gallery below) are as glam and sexy as they come. Such a style does wonders for a fuller bust as you not only get the shape, but much needed support as well. While this Eres swimsuit (see gallery) won’t turn you into Lara Stone, it will give you definition and the confidence to work your sensual curves. Do yourself a favour and remember that horizontal stripes are your enemy!

So there you go ladies, time to prepare yourself to face the changing room mirror. Bonne chance!


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