A Bigger Bang


Do you remember a mid-80s film called The Shooting Party? A bunch of grandees (James Mason, John Gielgud, Edward Fox) gather on a Hertfordshire estate to blast away at pheasants on the eve of World War 1, blithely unaware that the world’s about to turn upside-down? Well, this new bespoke jacket we’ve created would have looked perfect on Fox’s irascible-but-impeccable Lord Gilbert Hartlip, who’s determined to prove he’s the best shot – it would look perfect with a Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon 1 Deluxe (or similar) tucked into the crook of its elbow. It’s a Caccioppoli 310-gram Scottish green tweed, with what I like to think of as a “moorland mix” of red, orange, blue and brown over-checks. It’s cut in a traditional military service dress style for that ramrod-straight bearing, with large “bellows” pockets (for storing your cartridges and any more petite birds you’ve bagged – the odd wild duck, say), along with a soft blue melton undercollar (to keep the pre-sunrise rime at bay) and a secret hip pocket (ideally situated and proportioned for that hunting necessity, the amply-apportioned hip flask). As Lord Gilbert himself might have said: Yoicks! This one’s un-beater-ble.

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