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“Buy British.” A perky little phrase, isn’t it? But in recent years it’s been a lot easier to trip it off the tongue than put it into practice, for all sorts of reasons – cheap imports, the decline of manufacturing in the UK, etc. I’m glad to announce that the counter-attack is now well and truly under way. I recently dropped in at the House of Commons (nice buttresses – and the architecture wasn’t bad either, ooh Matron), for the launch event of the inaugural Buy British Day, which will take place on October 3rd.

It’s part of the Best of Britannia event showcasing British brands, which we’ll again be participating in this year, and it’s a chance to acknowledge the enormous talents, sterling traditions, and continuing innovations of our native industries and craftsmen – something I’m naturally very passionate about, from my Welsh socks to my Spitalfields cuffs to my Scottish gloves.

So many people are looking to Britain at the moment in the wake of events like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, so we shouldn’t hide our various lights under any more bushels. Buy British Day will be a chance to help educate people about the sheer range and quality of goods that we produce, and I’ll be doing my rah-rah bit in the run-up to the event by featuring some of my fellow Brit-players-and-manufacturers on the blog.

The panel included Timothy Everest (left) and William Church of Cheaney Shoes (2nd from right). Images thanks to Grey Fox Blog.

Together – and I think we need a rousing bit of Elgar on the soundtrack here, thank you – we can have these Isles ruling the aisles once again!

For more information on Buy British Day, visit the Best of Britannia website.