Good Timing


I’ve been thinking recently about the connections between fine timepieces and bespoke tailoring. It’s not-entirely-uncoincidentally because we’ve got an event coming up at Elder Street with Page & Cooper, purveyors of niche watches from independent, limited-edition makers who emphasize creativity and heritage over fashion and frippery (sound familiar?) whose MD, Jonathan Bordell, is a client and friend; his grandfather was a watchmaker just a stone’s throw from Spitalfields, and his interest in collectible cars and the jamborees that showcase them (the Goodwood Festival of Speed, etc) has led him to gravitate toward those styles of watches that would nicely set off, say, a Morgan 3-wheeler and Timothy Everest/Morgan driving jacket (for the record, I’ve got my eye on the speedo-like Autodromo Veloce, and the sleek Muhle Glashutte Terrasport II, from the P&C catalogue).



Of course, the Morgan jacket has an extra-large working cuff button to accommodate the chunkiest chronometer, and there are other bespoke solutions to the resplendent watch/tight cuff conundrum, such as having your shirt cuff cut so tightly that you simply wear your watch over it, a solution favoured by the legendary style godfather and Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli (he said he was simply too busy being one of the world’s most dashing industrialists to peel back his cuff when he wanted to know the time), and taken up since by the likes of Fred Hughes (Andy Warhol’s business manager) and Mickey Drexler (the CEO of J Crew). All very sprezzatura, and it shows that your bespoke options, like your choice of wrist accessory, are all about what makes you tick, something we’ll doubtless discuss with Jonathan at the P&C event, of which more soon…