Indian Summer Cool


I’m not knocking the unseasonably warm temperatures – I’m not in any hurry for the onset of winter’s depredations – but this early autumnal in-betweeny phase can leave us all a bit stumped wardrobe-wise; balmy enough to leave topcoats sheathed yet early-morning late-evening crisp enough to warrant something more than a lightweight jacket. That’s where the subtle art of layering comes in. Many men shy away from the L-word – they seem to think it involves the mastering of sartorial arcana that’s almost Kabbalistic in its complexity – but it’s actually as simple as taking, say, a Timothy Everest lightweight scarf, in blue or black silk, or navy herringbone cashmere, and knotting it rakishly about the neck, to achieve instant insulation, or, if you will, thin-sulation. If the prevailing breeze has switched to an easterly direction, bringing a hint of the steppes amid the woodsmoke scents, you might find that you require something a little hardier than a shirt under your jacket – one of our merino wool rollnecks or long-sleeved polo shirts in appropriately rousing hues of petrol or espresso, perhaps. Alternatively, you can button up and face down the falling leaves with our cashmere ties in mulled-wine-ready shades of slate grey or ice blue, or our knitted ties in mellow reds and russet browns, every bit as fervid as the prevailing foliage. Think Alain Delon in Plein Soleil, or Jude Law in The Talented Mr Ripley, throwing on their cashmere cardigans or donning their silk-mix scarves as the late-season Riviera chill descends, if you want primers on how to layer like a player. The lovely chaps at Bruton Place are a tad talented in putting together a trans-seasonal look or two…
Lightweight scarf light blue
Linen Jacket soft green
forest green roll neck
maroon silk knit tie