Sitting Pretty


Chair and chair alike? Not if you’re reclining in one of the bespoke numbers from Lambert & Stamp, a company who really put the “up” in upholstery. We recently hosted an event for them at Elder St – the founder/designer, Ed Lefroy, is an old friend and client – in order to show off their singular wares.

They source high quality antique (or, as they describe them, “pre-loved”) chairs from the 20s/30s through to the 70s – anything from mid-century Scandi-moderns to classic fireside Parker-Knolls – and, after just enough restoration to keep their essential character intact, personalise them in fabrics that catch Ed’s classic-modern eye (he’s been a graphic designer and art director, and has also run his own clothing label), inspired by old book jackets, jazz album sleeves, pop art and vintage travel posters. My personal favourites are the Tour de France and Isle of Man TT Parker-Knolls, which make eye-catching use of classic poster designs (I call them his go-faster chairs), and his Beatles chair, produced to mark the 50th anniversary of A Hard Day’s Night, and, fittingly, an item that would certainly make you feeeel all-riiiight.

L&S will also undertake commissions – whether turning designs into fabric for an existing chair, or supplying a whole product from scratch – and Ed says his aim is to create a brand that “takes inspiration from classic English design and creates some classic pieces for the future.”

He’s the man in the hot seat, quite literally.

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