Soft Power


“Cashasilk.” A clunky hybrid in grammatical terms, but when cashmere and silk come together in a weave, it can create a beautifully soft, light and lustrous texture, as seen in these two bespoke jackets, made for a long-standing and audacious New York client who’s never afraid to mix it up. The first is a three-button single-breasted bold-check affair, with patch pockets, pad stitching under the lapels for additional firmness (and curvature maintenance), and internal saddle stitching. He’ll team this one with his electric blue gabardine trousers for a more formal look, or his white selvedge jeans for those late summer cocktail soirees in The Hamptons. The second is a gorgeous blue triple check DB with black over-check, with Nutter-referencing lapels, straight pockets, and beautiful blue mother-of-pearl buttons. He’ll team this one with his chocolate gabardine trousers or his white jeans. And yes, he’s a very busy man, but while he may be time-poor, we can now safely say he’s cashasilk-rich.


CashaSilk double-breasted  blazer with blue mother-of-pearl buttons

Jacket lining.

Chocolate brown under collar.

CashaSilk; Blue triple check with black window pain over check.