The Perfect…Pair of Socks


“You choose your friends by their character and your socks by their colour,” said Gary Oldman, which proves that he knows just as much, if not more, about hosiery than he does about acting. And this season’s TE socks are perfectly primed to add characterful colour to that all-important junction between foot and calf (if it’s a given that people in general, and men in particular, check out each other’s shoes on first meeting, then the accompanying sock will follow hot on their heels) – we’ve got stripes and zigzags in an array of turquoises and reds, with contrast panels at their various extremities; not so much colour-blocking as colour sock-it-to-me-ing.

But possibly my pick of the bunch this season is this comparatively subdued pair in an empyrean shade of turquoise blue, with hot pink heels and toes and dark grey tips. They’ll add lightening lustre to navy suits and indigo denims, while giving your brogues a boost or your monkstraps some motivation. Like all our season’s socks, they’re a sumptuous and durable wool/cotton mix, and they’re made in West Wales by Corgi, a family-owned business with a royal warrant from Prince Charles, who’ve been producing the finest hosiery since 1892. And if all that isn’t characterful enough to make these socks your NBFs, I don’t know what is.