Urwerk It


Regular Everistas will know that I’m a big fan of the artisanal watch company Urwerk, and that the founders, Felix and Martin, are clients and friends. We recently held a small soiree at Elder St to launch the latest – and final – incarnation of their UR-110 watch, the “Eastwood.” (They’re going on to produce an entirely new model.) They wanted to take the UR-110 out with a bang, and they’ve certainly succeeded with this amazing testament to the horologist’s art.

The bezel is crafted from wood, which is unusual in itself, but this happens to be Macassar Ebony, an extremely hard and stable wood, sustainably sourced from Indonesia. Felix and Martin thought it would be nice to pair it with an organic strap, and came to us for help. I decided it had to be the finest wool tweed – it’s extremely durable, and has that sporty and very British heritage – so we’ve done it in the original Prince of Wales brown and blue check, as worn by the Duke of Windsor, and a lovely grey herringbone.

It’s an amazing watch to wear – I think it might even supplant my beloved UR-103 in  my affections, if only because the bezel shape means it’s really easy to see the time if it’s poking out from under a shirt cuff. And, with the strap, it has this amazing retro-futurist feel. It’ll be officially launched in Geneva in January 2015. Oh, and it’s the Eastwood because Felix and Martin are big fans of a certain Hollywood heavyweight. If the man himself got his hands on one of these, I could see a slightly tweaked remake in the offing – Play Wristy For Me.

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