Warm Winter Fashion


Staying warm has never been cooler. Lucy Pavia shows you how to look glamorous and fashionable without freezing to death from overexposure.

Fashion and function are awkward companions, as anyone who’s owned a pair of white jeans will testify. But as the cold wreaks havoc on our travel and wardrobe options this winter, the catwalk and Mother Nature appear, for once, to be on the same page.

The hottest (or should I say, warmest) trend of the lot was shearling, cropping up everywhere on the oversized collars of Burberry’s aviator jackets, updating last season’s Acne biker look or trimming the edges of Phillip Lim’s 80s denim jackets.

Last year’s vertiginous heels were also supplanted by the fur trimmed hiking boot, welcome relief for victims of the winter Ugg epidemic – a trend we would happily consign, along with Crocs, to our fashion Room 101.

Meanwhile, the inevitable appearance of knitwear was served up with a retro twist by D&G, whose ready-to-wear show appeared to be inspired by the ironic Christmas jumper (Milan meets Noel Edmonds) in various snowflake and reindeer-patterned incarnations. Gap can otherwise be relied upon for offering a more affordable line in festive wardrobe cheer, like these sparkly snowflake socks.

If you want to keep your eco-conscience warm too, check out wonderful little knitwear label The North Circular. Set up by Central St Martin’s graduate Alice Ashby, Katherine Poulton and Isobel Davies, the label runs under the steam of hardworking grannies and a flock of North Yorkshire sheep, whose wool is spun and dyed naturally before being shipped to the knitters. You can visit their website to see the flock in all their woolly glory and even ‘Meet Your Knitters’ – fashion doesn’t get more heartwarming than that.


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