Author Steve Thompson

A rock star and a stand up comic, are things that Steve would like to be. In reality, he is an acclaimed cartoonist, writer and film critic, his cartoons described as “delightfully weird” and his choice of movie almost always offbeat, surprising and of unparalleled good taste. He is also responsible for designing The Arbuturian’s logo.

Art SEEN-Spiderman

Many leagues from murky subway tunnels and transport yards of New York, Bond Street’s Opera…

Film Attack on Titan

Steve Thompson is a man of acquired taste and a taste for the curious. In…

Film House of Whipcord poster

Our resident obscure – the films, not the man – film man, Steve Thompson, stumbles…

Film marley3

“I found myself fascinated and excited by Marley. At times it drew me close to tears. I didn’t of course, actually cry. In fact, had I cried, I would still probably say that I didn’t of course, cry.”

Film A Horrible Way to Die

Adam Wingard’s 2010 film stands as an impressive achievement; intense performances, a restrained and understated…

Film Headhunters (c) Magnolia Pictures

Comfortably replete with Jarlsberg cheese, Vikingfjord Vodka and some wonderful Scandinavian pastries, you could be forgiven for thinking I’d forgotten I was there to review a film. But this was just the very genial introduction to a new Norwegian film hitting UK shores in April.

Film Danielle Radcliffe in The Woman in Black

“Dispatched to settle the affairs of a recently deceased woman, Kipps arrives in a quaint but markedly rude village in the heart of the Victorian countryside. Under the chocolate-box veneer, dark undercurrents flow.”

Film haunting1

“I pray the poor soul chancing upon this despair-smirched scrawl forgives the quality of my record. It has been four nights since last I slept. Frequent opium use has afforded little respite to my fractured sanity…”

Film Bettie Page

“I never thought it was shameful. It felt normal. It’s just that it was much better than pounding a typewriter eight hours a day.” Steve Thompson muses over the life and career of America’s pin-up queen.

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