Where Would You Rather Be?


There are some ideas that, when you see them manifest, really make you wonder why no-one’s thought of them before. Perhaps we get so used to what we already have we just don’t think it needs changing. Take, for example, the humble umbrella. The common incarnation we know today has been around, in some form, since the late 18th century. In that time it’s changed little, bar the odd adaptation and the invention of modern materials.

But, when you think what an umbrella is for, you’ll smack your forehead when you see what Where I’d Rather Be have come up with. The clue’s in the name, really.

What comes to mind when you open an umbrella? It’s bracing us for the arrival of inclement weather and the gloom of grey clouds and mood-sapping drizzle, and it makes us think of being anywhere but where we currently are, does it not? Well, next time rain looms, open this umbrella and be transported to happier, brighter, sunnier climes.

Not literally, obviously. But Where I’d Rather Be umbrellas feature seamless 360° photography of glorious holiday-inducing imagery around the inside of the canopy. Not so pretty patterns or colourful flowers – decorating brollies may not be new – and certainly not company logos or estate agent brand names here. Instead, open up to reveal glorious sun-kissed beaches, crisp snow-capped mountain vistas and evocative safari scenes in beautiful high res wraparound photography. And because of the complexity of the graphic manipulation required it ensures that the aspect of every image remains true-to-life, virtually transporting you to those stunning locations.


Clever, eh?

What’s more, the umbrellas are made of electro-plated fibreglass, are completely wind resistant and the handmade canopy is quick drying Teflon to avoid that annoying ‘wet brolly indoors’ dilemma.

Where I’d Rather Be umbrellas retail at £29.99 (classic) and £27.99 (folding). And if you’re still in the market for a last minute Christmas stocking filler, go to whereidratherbe.co.uk and use exclusive code ROOSTERLOVESRAIN for a special 12% launch discount (until 31 Dec 2014).