Author David J. Constable

An inveterate traveller and austere gastronome with an unhealthy obsession with Scotch eggs, David's writing is acerbic and often satirical, covering travel, food and culture. A proud Englishman, David enjoys Earl Grey, toffee ice-cream and a fitted tweed jacket. He’ll try anything once, so long as it tastes good.


Former Head Chef at Claridges and one-time Gordon Ramsay right-hand-cook, Mark Sargeant, has opened his latest solo venture in his home county on the Kent coast. David Constable casts his net over the menu and indulges.

International Restaurants

David Constable visits the legendary Uri Buri seafood restaurant in Israel’s Akko Harbour, to feast on some internationally-inspired dishes served in one of the world’s historical hotspots.