Author Jessica Baldwin

An award-winning luxury travel journalist, Jess stops at nothing on her quest to uncover the world’s most luxurious spas and indulgent (and unusual) beauty treatments. Struggling to breathe whilst her face was plated in 24 carat gold in Tuscany, and enduring 1000 injections as her own blood was re-injected into her face in Spain, currently top the list.


“The Balinese are without doubt the happiest people I have ever met. The contentment certainly rubbed off on me, but then I was staying at the area’s most luxurious residence, Amandari.”


Jess stays at the perfectly formed Four Seasons Hampshire: “Ha, got them this time!” I whispered excitedly as a knife clattered to the floor at the other end of the restaurant. Bugger, it was a clumsy guest, not a waiter…


Rules. I simply can’t abide by them, never could. Maps, recipes, instructions, it’s like I’m…


While everyone else is busy detoxing and eating carrots, treat yourself to a chocolate body wrap, a martini and a manicure, or perhaps a glass of champagne in a sensuous Moroccan spa: Welcome to the New Year Retox.


“I’ve fallen…again. It’s my last evening in Seville and I have spent the past four days falling off curbs, walking into lamp posts and narrowly avoiding getting run over by mad Spaniards on mopeds…”

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