Flemings Townhouse, Mayfair


Boutique. It’s a word that is bandied about often, and with gay abandon. Occasionally its use is appropriate, even essential. If ever there was a time to use it, it is now – I’m standing in one of the Flemings Townhouse suites looking with delight at the mise-en-scene presenting itself to me. A cross between London chic and country manor character; someone has managed to conjure a combination of the two with a delicate balance. I’m hesitant to sit down and ruffle the perfectly placed cushions, but I do. Sinking into the comfort I see contemporary photography, a 3D TV, fittings to the highest standard, art-deco style, and me making the place slightly scruffy.

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You might be staying in the suite but you can sashay from suite to main hotel in the flick of a lamb’s tail and if you are able to resist a visit to the front room for a moment of quiet relaxation or a trip to the bar for one of the two house cocktails (Editor’s Note – for an insight on both cocktails please take a moment to watch Stirling’s jaunt into TV stardom above), then you might just make it to The Grill, the hotel’s restaurant where Head Chef Braden Charlesworth’s menu defines modern European food with robust, big, colourful flavours and the best seasonal ingredients.

For the kids; Flemings Frog (a cheeky little character who appears as part of a welcoming pack for the younger guests), for the bigger kid there is Flemings Monopoly and for the even bigger kids you can take advantage of the cocktail bar and get ever so slightly tipsy. There is history that nods towards the literary characters of the area and a buzz that reflects the current. Camera shy celebrities glide silently towards their rooms, out of the limelight and into privacy. This is not a brash attention seeker, but a powerfully modest luxury hotel offering high-end service and style.

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