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Well, chaps, with the pressure off and Valentine’s safely out of the way, you can mop your collective panicked brows, breathe a sigh of relief and start (and do forgive the alliteration) planning your proposals properly. After all, proper planning prevents etc- sorry. But if, like myself, the siege of weddings you’ve attended appear to be nothing short of a constant round of one-upmanship – no matter what people say about the romance and the humility being at the heart of it – there is one way you can trounce the opposition, score some serious brownie points and still only need serve chicken salad at the wedding itself: with the proposal.

I know of a chap who, the weekend before he planned it, buried a bottle of champagne and glasses among the heather somewhere near he and his true love’s first holiday spot in the Lake District they were planning to revisit. Then, when they were up there and on said carefully-selected ‘random’ walk, he then popped the question, she consented and then, declaring that if only they had some champagne etc etc, he looked quizzically about before rummaging around and presto! Pulled it out of the gorse, so to speak. Yes, yes, all very romantic and thoughtful. Not that the circumstances of a proposal are ever likely to be forgotten but if, however, you’re really wanting to nail the memorable factor, then our friends over at Six Senses (they of the high-end-boutique-spa-resorts-in-far-flung-places fame) have come up with something a tad more…ambitious.

First, book a holiday to the Maldives.

A short boat ride from the capital Malé, Six Senses’ Maldives site at Soneva Gili is set in a sparkling lagoon, where jetties thread across the shallow sapphire waters to spacious stilted villas. Priding themselves on a philosophy of ‘intelligent luxury’, the villas include private roof-top and over-water sundecks, sea views (naturally), sumptuous daybeds, and all feature a host of creature comforts to compliment the rustic chic interiors with many, too, featuring private spa suites complete with glass-bottomed floor panels…you get the picture. So, on to the matter in hand.

Arguably, the Maldives alone might constitute the perfect paradise setting for a romantic proposal but consider one of the following:

Imagine being taken blindfolded to an unknown, beautifully-decorated location on the island where you then indulge in a blind food and wine tasting (literally, you’re still blindfolded) whereupon the waiter then-… hang on. Who do you think I’m kidding? You really think I’m going to write what happens next when it’s supposed to be a surprise?

Or how about this…you and your (hopefully) imminently betrothed are whisked to a private palm island where, on the other side awaits the surprise of her life…and, no, I can’t say. Sorry.

There’s one other option they’ve come up with. This one I can tell you. The Maldives, being one of the world’s premiere diving destinations, it involves popping the question under water. Quite how, though, you’ll have to get in touch and find out.

Admittedly, publicising this is probably letting the cat out of the bag. But, then again, if you’re taking your other half to the Maldives, chances are she’s going to be suspicious.

Okay, ladies, you may now look.

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