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In Other Matters

Someone sensible said that abstaining from various vices doesn’t make you live longer – it just makes life seem longer. Never a truer word, especially in January. AND its all so pointless…


I first encountered owner Nick Hall earlier this year after tweeting an overheard description of his newly-released pink cuvée as “the crack cocaine of English Rosé”…


The San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards will be announced on Monday night. Tom Harrow casts a glutton’s eye on London’s dining scene and muses over what it really means to be the best.


Divas Tom Harrow and Jonesy get dolled up in the spirit of London Fashion Week and strut their stuff at Babbo in Mayfair, the newest and hottest Italian restaurant that nobody has ever heard of. Until now…


Tom Harrow, aka WineChap, has a soft spot for many things; wine, food, more wine, more food, opera, more wine. So it wasn’t surprising when he disappeared to Alba in search of the legendary white truffle. And wine.