Murder in the Lady Chapel


Hannah Weybridge is a woman dogged by trouble. As a freelance journalist and single mother, you could understand that life would in all probability be tough at times. Unfortunately, for Hannah, however, it isn’t everyday life that’s the problem. Rather, she has a tendency to find herself involved in crimes of every kind and, in particular, murder.

Murder in the Lady Chapel is her sixth appearance and her creator, Anne Coates, has taken her back to a Church of England setting – where, previously, she had discovered the worst kind of ecclesiastical skulduggery. This time, it all begins with the unfortunate death of a choir member. Suicide? Murder? It’s certainly suspicious and Hannah soon discovers that the victim is not who he seemed to be.

As she starts to investigate his real identity, she finds herself the victim of a series of threats and attacks – are they connected to each other and indeed to the victim? It’s a real page-turner of a whodunnit and, set in 1990s London, full of “historical” detail (and some of it may make you wince at the memory).

You don’t need to have read the earlier episodes in the series but Hannah has grown over the series and, if you’re intrigued, I’d recommend going back to the beginning and Dancers in the Wind.

Murder in the Lady Chapel is out now, available to order from bookshops and online at Blackwell’s with a £1 discount and free delivery. Dancers in the Wind, Death’s Silent Judgement, Songs of Innocents, Perdition’s Child and Stage Call are available on Amazon as paperbacks and ebooks – the latter free on KU.

Header photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash