Dukes Hotel & the Vesper Martini


You might have noticed that Bond is doing the rounds, and if you were keeping track you’d know it is also the 50th anniversary of his first appearance on the silver screen. If you think of yourself as a bit of a secret agent, or perhaps just want to pretend, you are in luck. Thanks to Dukes Hotel, a former watering hole of Ian Fleming, you are able to celebrate all of the above with two new 007 inspired packages. Stirling, our very own 007, has slipped away from active duty to check out the legendary cocktail inspired by Ian Fleming and handcrafted by Alessandro Palazzi – this really is a Vesper Martini for the aficionado and not for uninitiated.


There are two Bond-themed packages available and depending on which you choose you might be staying in a Junior Suite while thinking about the Aston Martin you have driven around London in the style of Mr B, or perhaps entertaining your very own Vesper Lind over the three-course meal at Thirty Six by chef Nigel Mendham – there is plenty more to these secret breaks, but you’ll have to do your own spying to find out more.

Packages are available until 13th January 2013. Book now before the Vesper warms up and the action cools down. For more information, decode the details on their website.


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