Father’s Day Gift Guide


This year, Fathers Day in the UK lands on Sunday, June 16. Fittingly, 24 hours after the Kings official birthday (even though Charles IIIs actual date of birth is November 14). So, if you want to treat your papa” – as the monarch would say – from ice baths to designer washbags and AI mice, Ollie Pickup has sourced some royally good gift ideas…

Play it very cool with a LUMI Therapy ice bath

For over a year now, my social media has been awash with ice-bath content. Im a wimp when it comes to chilly water, but after a chance encounter with a tarot card reader while waiting for my car to be serviced a story for another time – Im forcing myself out of my comfort zone. Later in June, Ill be skydiving for the first time, but the thought of freezing water gives me more of a chill. Or at least it did before my LUMI Recovery Pod now only £95, down from £135 – arrived a few weeks ago. I didnt dive straight into cold-water therapy, though. As advised, I took a month of cold showers, building my resilience to teeth-chattering conditions. Since slipping in between the ice cubes, I have found it exhilarating and energy-boosting, as advertised.

Interested in taking the plunge? Dive in – if you dare at www.lumitherapy.co.uk 

Give your dad the boot with a pair of Keen Targhee IIIs

After interviewing Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics at London Business School, who has written many books about longevity, Ive heeded his core message to a better, longer life. Basically: move more, and drink and eat less. Ive not had a drop of alcohol since April 1, 2023 – no joke – and am walking more.

Im talking about serious walking. And for serious walking, you need serious walking boots. In steps the Keen Targhee III, a real workhorse for the dad who loves a sturdy, no-nonsense boot. With its chunky good looks and generous toe box, this mid-weight wonder will keep your dads feet comfy and blister-free, whether tackling the trails or just strolling around the park. Priced at £145, its a rugged yet reasonably-priced option.

To explore more, step into www.keenfootwear.co.uk.

Improve dads toiletries game with a Wolf Signature Washbag 

Philipp Wolf, a German silversmith, created his eponymous company in 1834 when working out that pieces of silver were more likely to sell when presented in stylish boxes. Almost two centuries later, Wolf 1834 still makes beautiful items – including watch and jewellery storage boxes and snazzy safes and cabinets.

The company also offers a travel arm and spacious Signature Washbag – £165, and available in green (the colour I chose), orange, brown and blue – making any dad feel business class, I can report.

Browse the collection at www.wolf1834.com. 

Wok easy with GreenPan after a hard days work

Dad can forget about slaving over a hot stove this Fathers Day. With the £130, 30cm GreenPan Premiere Stainless Steel Ceramic Non-Stick Wok, you can cook up a storm in minutes without worrying about the mess. This wok is like your kitchens superhero – its tough, non-stick, and makes cooking a breeze. With its reinforced diamond-enhanced non-stick coating, you can sauté, stir-fry, or flip like a pro, and the quick and even heat distribution means your dishes will be on point every time. So give the gift of easy cooking and grab one of these bad boys.

John Lewis is the place to go for these supreme woks, visit www.johnlewis.com.  

Get saucy with the Tracklements Fathers Day Gift Box

On the subject of food, condiment lovers need to look at the Tracklements Fathers Day Gift Box. This carefully curated selection of artisanal condiments is the perfect way to elevate dads cooking game – and blimey, do I need it whether hes whipping up a feast in the kitchen or grilling up a storm in the garden.

The gift box, priced at £22, comes packed with five mouthwatering treats, including Proper Tomato Ketchup, made with the ripest Mediterranean tomatoes and a secret blend of spices, the ultimate companion to a classic bacon or sausage sandwich; Rich & Creamy Mayonnaise, crafted using a traditional recipe with a hint of Dijon mustard, and the multi award-winning Fresh Chilli Jam, packing a gentle heat from handfuls of fresh red chillies, perfect for fish, meats, sandwiches, and creamy cheeses. 

If you find this tasty, head to www.tracklements.co.uk.

Sharpen up your dads knife game with the Tormek T-1 

Knives and food go together like, well, fish and chips. Mans earliest tool was (possibly) a fractured rock with a sharp point that would tear through flesh for the user inevitably a dad to consume. In 2024, preparing food without blunt cutting implements remains vitally important. I found the Swedish-made Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener a premium kitchen knife sharpener for the home is the tool I never realised I needed so much.

Its brought all of my knives back to life, precisely delivering a razor-sharp cutting edge and a durable angle to blades of varying lengths. The press bumph states: The sleek industrial design comes fully assembled with a solid oak handle, carbon black [or zinc grey]powder-coated zinc body, diamond grinding wheel and composite honing wheel.Its not cheap at £330, and it is heavy, but it comes with an eight-year warranty. Can you put a price, though, on bringing the inner satisfied caveman out of your dad?

Get chopping and discover more at www.shop.tormek.com. 

A Fathers Day feast at Flesh & Buns

All this typing about food is making me ravenous. If you feel the same, why not take your dad to one of the two Flesh & Buns restaurants in London? Flesh & Buns in Covent Garden, where I visited, offers a unique dining experience with Japanese izakaya-style cuisine. The steamed buns stand out, especially when paired with succulent meat fillings. The vibrant atmosphere and attentive service make it a perfect spot for a lively and delicious Fathers Day.

Book your table today at www.fleshandbuns.com

Drink non-alcoholic wine every day at Wednesdays Domaine

Time to shift from food to drink, now. As mentioned above, I no longer drink alcohol, but I like to socialise in the same way as when I was boozing. Its been a complaint for many sober drinkers that, historically, non-alcoholic wine is not a good replacement – it is either too sweet or it tastes like grape juice. Granted, its hard to do when you remove a products central ingredient – especially when it is 13% or thereabouts.

Having searched around, however, Ive discovered Wednesdays Domaine, which offers some of the best in the business. A taster case (£81.99) gathers together all of the young businesss wines, which are 0.0% ABV and vegan-friendly, so your dad can choose his favourite. My fave is the Eclat, a sparkling wine, which – and I love this from the marketing team – “showcases zip, zing and everything you need to celebrate lifes important moments, big or small. Fathers Day is undoubtedly a good reason to pop open some fizz?!

Feeling thirsty for non-alcoholic wines? Head to www.wednesdaysdomaine.com

Splash out on SENTIAs booze-free spirits

In a similar vein, elevate your Fathers Day celebrations with SENTIA, a new generation of mood-enhancing – and, again, alcohol-free spirits. Perfect for sophisticated hedonists (guilty!), SENTIA combines complex botanicals to offer a rich sensory experience without the downsides of alcohol. Developed by renowned neuropsychopharmacologistprofessor David Nutt and his expert team, SENTIA is the worlds first GABA spirit, designed to enhance mood and foster connection.

I opted for SENTIA BLACK (50ml £29.50 – smaller bottles and different varieties are available). According to the information in front of me, its flavour is spiced pepper warmth, smooth, earthy body, and smoky bitter finish. All I know is that it tastes lush, chills me out – a significant placebo in social situations that otherwise might be awkward and is a fun conversation starter.

Find out more at www.sentiaspirits.com.  

Turn over a new leaf with Everleafs non-alcoholic aperitifs 

As an alternative to SENTIA, consider Everleaf non-alcoholic aperitifs. These sophisticated blends offer a sensory journey through natures finest botanicals. There are currently three variants: Forest (complex & bittersweet); Mountain (vibrant & aromatic); and Marine (crisp & refreshing). I went for Forest, partly because of the marketing words. Lie back and imagine the filtered sunlight of forest canopies captured in this blend of sustainably sourced botanicals, from exotic saffron and vanilla to honeyed orange blossom.Come on, imagine that! Anyway, each 50ml bottle costs £22, and provides a perfect, thoughtful gift to indulge in a non-alcoholic yet flavourful experience for your dad, and other family members.

Discover more at www.everleafdrinks.com.

Stock dad up with DryDrinkers Fathers Day gift box

If beer is more your dads thing, spoil him this Fathers Day with DryDrinkers exclusive alcohol-free Fathers Day Gift Box a thoughtfully curated selection of 24 non-alcoholic beers that will tantalise his taste buds. This extraordinary assortment includes a diverse range of lagers, stouts, IPAs, and a few exclusive brews that will impress even the most discerning palate.

The gift box is £79.95 (but a 10% discount is available if you subscribe to the newsletter) and also features a stylish branded Drydrinker beer glass worth £5.99, a 10% discount on future orders, and a delightful extra treat from Fairtrade chocolatier Divine. Whether your father is a connoisseur of alcohol-free beverages or simply enjoys exploring new and exciting flavours, this gift box is the perfect way to show your appreciation and make his day truly memorable.

Box it up at www.drydrinker.com.

Celebrate with some fizz – with a difference

If you’re toasting Pater with bubbles – and not being quite so abstemious – then there’s one cork you can pop that’s a bit, well, superior. Purveyors of fine prosecco, and the first to introduce that Italian fizz to the UK back in 1989, BISOL have released a new expression – and another first for the UK, the Superiore – with Bisol1542 I Gondolieri.

Established in 1542 in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Unesco area, Bisol1542 is one of the most well-known and luxury Prosecco brands, with it taking up to 900 hours per year, per hectare of work, done by hand to make Bisol1542 Prosecco Superiore.

The Bisol1542 I Gondolieri honours its exclusive partnership the Association of Gondoliers and is a tribute to Venice, also depicted in the watercolour label design. Visible from the summit of the highest Bisol1542 vineyards, Venice has played an integral role in the creation of this wine, which was created as a celebration of the Venetian way of life.

Made with 100% Glera grapes, it is the first and the lowest alcohol Brut in the appellation – a single vintage Brut, characterised by a creamy, mellow and fresh taste profile, with a herb and saline finish, evocative of the sea. Bisol1542 Prosecco Superiore and Jeio is available to purchase through selected retailers and online through VINVM, priced £17.95.

For the whiskey lover – that’s not whiskey…sip and savour El Mayor Añejo tequila

If Dad wants something a little stronger – perhaps even for that post-prandial sipping digestif, this one’s for whiskey-lovers whoo might want something different this year. El Mayor Añejo Tequila is aged in white oak barrels for 18 to 36 months and has been exciting the most stalwart of whiskey-lovers all over the US – and it’s recently landed in the UK.

Distilled by the Gonzalez family at one of Mexico’s most reputable tequila distilleries, Destiladora Gonzalez Lux™, El Mayor is handcrafted using a traditional Mexican method using just three ingredients, 100% Weber Blue Agave from the valley area of Jalisco, Mexico, yeast and water, with the depth of flavour coming only from the ageing process. El Mayor aged tequilas, Añejo and Reposado, are some of the cleanest spirits available, yet pack a complexity rivalled by popular whiskeys. Definitely one for his drinks cabinet.

Available at Master of Malt, El Mayor will look the part on Dad’s drinks shelf too. Beautifully presented in bottles filled, labelled, and packaged by hand to ensure the ultimate quality and flavour, El Mayor Añejo (40% ABV) is now available at Master of Malt, £49.90 (70cl).

Click the right buttons with Logitechs Logi AI Prompt Builder mouse

If you have a technology and gadget-obsessed dad – as I am then consider the brand new Logitech Logi AI Prompt Builder mouse. The click of one button opens a ChatGPT pop-up page, and another allows you to convert words to text. (Ive just done that with the last sentence.) Its only available now in the United States and the United Kingdom, and retails at £54.99.

For more information, please visit www.logitech.com.

Boost dads productivity and style with Logitechs Casa Pop-Up Desk

Another top techie entry, now. This one is ideal for the dad who works remotely whether at home or on the move. Logitechs Casa Pop-Up Desk is a newly released laptop accessories set – a minimalist keyboard, intuitive wireless touchpad, and a mouse stored in a book-like case that transforms into a sturdy, foldaway laptop stand. In short, its an all-in-one ergonomic workspace, and – once the days work is done – means dad can tidy everything away. It retails for £179.99 and can be bought via the Logitech website or major retailers such as John Lewis and Currys.

Find out more at www.logitech.com

Bring out dads inner child with the Buki France Pinball

The Buki France Pinball set will strengthen any dads bond with his children, encouraging the building of a DIY pinball machine together. This engaging project – a nicely priced £36.99 – allows you to work side-by-side, constructing a fully functional pinball machine complete with bumpers, LEDs, and an electronic score-keeping monitor. Using the provided screwdriver and no-solder connectors, youll assemble the 31 x 20 x 15cm machine, teaching your children valuable skills such as problem-solving and hand-eye coordination – thats what I found, anyway. Once built, your kids can personalise the machine with included stickers.

If youre game, visit www.halilit.co.uk. 

Let your dad go wild on The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spas conservation retreat

Finally, for something very special for your lovely father perhaps its a big birthday for him this year? – why not treat him to an exclusive, immersive safari style” conservation retreat at The Devonshire Arms Hotel and Spa in North Yorkshire? Youll have to move quickly for this one, though, because only one room is left. From June 11 to 13, guests will explore the Bolton Abbey estates unique flora and fauna during a luxurious two-night stay. (But don’t worry if you miss out this time, there is another retreat from October 15th to 17th.)

Expert-led activities include bird watching, fishing, and foraging, with exclusive access to private estate areas. Day one features moorland safaris to spot curlew and gull chicks, followed by a foraging workshop. Day two begins with a dawn bird walk and a fishing session with the estate riverkeeper. Guests will enjoy full board, including picnics and à la carte meals, and have access to the hotels award-winning spa.

The Devonshire Arms conservation retreat costs £644.50 per person. To discover more please visit www.devonshirehotels.co.uk.

Header photo by Mockaroon, courtesy of Unsplash