Great Drams of Scotland


The world of whisky can be daunting to the uninitiated. NICK HAMMOND finds an old friend with a new tome which will clear the confusion and have you dreaming of untried drams…

GREG Dillon is a super chap.

I know this because we once shared a sun-drenched, brandy-infused few days in the chalklands of Cognac, soaking up the atmosphere, oysters and fine French digestifs with rare aplomb.

He knows his stuff, does Greg. Which is why I was delighted when a copy of his new book, The Great Drams of Scotland, found its way to my desk.

Greg runs a business of that name, acting as a brand consultant, blogger, host and guide to all things whiskyfied. He’s a veritable walking whisky dictionary – in the nicest sense, you understand – and although he’s tasted more limited edition single malts than you or I have had hot dinners, he’s also keenly aware that not all whisky lovers are willing or able to spend hundreds of pounds on a bottle of the stuff.

That’s where The Great Drams of Scotland scores, in my opinion. There are rare and hard to find beauties in here, of course. But there are also numerous suggested drams to try, all obtainable and thoughtfully described for the newbie as well as the established whisky lover.

Greg has a down to earth style which sticks two fingers up to those who would cry snobbery at attempts to taste and ascribe certain characteristics to whisky. The book, published by Red Door Publishing, treads the line between industry expertise and accessibility with aplomb.

The history of Scotland’s most famous distilleries is covered succinctly and interestingly and you’ll find a wealth of suggestions here to keep you sampling drams for months to come.

If you’re looking for a present for a whisky lover, or you’re interested in hearing the good word from an unbiased source who lives, breathes and loves the water of life, you’ll find it in The Great Drams of Scotland.

Slainte, Greg. Looking forward to our next spiritual rendezvous, wherever it may be.

The Great Drams of Scotland is available now from all good bookshops priced £19.99. Alternatively, click here to reserve your online copy.