Gimme Shelter: Chateau Denmark


‘It’s Only Rock ’n’ Roll (but I Like It)’ sang the mighty Rolling Stones, and the extravagant Chateau Denmark is certainly the place to stay for any aspiring rock ‘n’ roll star. Situated in the heart of Soho on Denmark Street, this hip hangout has been inspired by the rock ‘n’ roll history of this legendary bohemian neighbourhood. Whilst the guitar shops still showcase the musical pedigree of the area, it was the epicentre of musical greatness back in the day.

Despite only being 100 yards long, this street was the beating heart of London’s music scene from the sixties onwards with iconic bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Sex Pistols recording seminal tracks in one of the many studios housed on the street.  

Fast forward to 2023 and despite not being open even a full year, Chateau Denmark is set to take its place in music lovers history. It’s not a traditional hotel in any sense and that’s what makes it all the more exciting. It certainly reflects the area’s history of creative expression and counter-culture – and then some.

While you get a reception desk where you are greeted by friendly and stylish staff members, this is where any direct comparison with other hotels in London ends. Instead, guests stay in one of the 16 rooms and apartments scattered throughout the different buildings on Denmark Street. 

If you are concerned that you might get lost wandering back to your abode after tripping the light fantastic on Soho’s neon-lit streets, then you needn’t fret as you will be allocated your very own butler to take care of repatriating you with your home for the night (and any other requests that you may have).

Ours was the delightful Abbas, a charming and effusive young gentleman who was on hand for our every need. He took the time to show us all the ins, outs and quirks of our room, from selecting the right kind of mood lighting (which included the ultimate in light selection, the ‘party’ setting), how to crank up the sound system (evidently there ain’t no party like a Chateau Denmark party) and, most importantly of all, how to tackle the two-headed beast that is the dual drinks cabinet which included (gulp!) wines of up to £1000.

The bar bill might not be for the faint-hearted, but neither was the decor of our room. Each of the 16 suites in Chateau Denmark have a different theme, from modern psychedelia to a more glam-goth vibe. Each space in the hotel has a different aesthetic designed by the award-winning studio Taylor Howes.

Each with their name which derived from song lyrics, our ‘All the Sinners’ (a nod to the mighty Rolling Stones) was decadent, opulent and entirely, thrillingly maximalist. Forget pristine white walls and apologetic minimalist interiors, the decor in our room is very much out and proud.

We might have been a party of two, but with the lovely Abbas mixing us a cocktail, and teeing up one of the achingly-cool soundtracks on the BOSE sound system, we had the beginnings of the ultimate party pad as we settled in – and I could really get used to this. Fortunately, the rooms are very sound-proofed, but you are given the impression at Chateau Denmark, that noise doesn’t matter and this is very much a place where ‘anything goes’.

‘All the Sinners’ pays homage to the Rolling Stones’ seminal track ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ and is an expansive space suitably adorned in hues of black and red, dimly lit and decadent. From the two magnificent ‘maxi bars’ to the huge roll top bath top which nestles a pristine marble floor and double shower, it’s inconceivable that you would ever want to leave the room.

Chateau Denmark is a hotel where more is more. Over–the-top rock star glam with swathes of red and gold interspersed with black leather and golden snake detailing, it’s intoxicating, daring, ostentatious and utterly playful. If you are venturing into the capital and seeking the rock star lifestyle then this really is a stellar place to start – just don’t forget the hangover cure, as when it comes to staying at the Chateau Denmark, all rules are most certainly off.

Session Room rates start from £510, with apartment rates from £660. For more information, please visit

Our guest contributor Emma is a music journalist and writer, featured in The Telegraph, Rough Guides, Clash Magazine, Record Collector magazine and many more.