Author Estella Shardlow


With girls resting Longchamp bags on their laps as they sip coffee in pavement cafes, Knightsbridge’s chic Lowndes Street is an apt setting for another French classic to set up shop. Welcome, Pierre Hermé.

London Restaurants

Soho seethes with dens of iniquity, feasting rooms hidden behind locked doors. One Sunday, the dark door of Blacks club creaks open to admit Estella Shardlow. May the debauchery commence…


A young woman sits alone at a candlelit table. She flicks somberly through a heavy leather-bound wine list; her eyes fall upon the dark ink of exotic promises, but the seat opposite remains vacant…


Estella Shardlow boards the Caledonian Sleeper train from Euston and ventures into the Highlands to wallow in the rugged Speyside beauty, the fresh air, the gourmet food and, naturally, the malt whisky.

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