The Midas Touch on World Whisky Day


We could fill a year of content for all the World and National Days that exist, perhaps even twice over, and still have room to spare. Did you know it’s World Paloma Day on 22nd May? And let’s not forget National Bubbly Day on the first weekend in June. But one we definitely wouldn’t miss is World Whisky Day. The only challenge is how to raise a glass to it, with many fine drams there are to single out.

This year, fortunately, there was little debate. With the recent release of a much-anticipated new expression, we turn our attention to Irish whiskey, and a distiller for whom new releases are a something of rarity. What makes them special is that the Spot range is amongst a handful of single pot still whiskeys still in existence today. So, when a new Spot release comes out, it’s time to take notice.

When Mitchell & Son began ‘bonding’, or selling, whiskey in 1887, the family brought its colourful legacy to the Dublin whiskey scene, quite literally. As well as confectionery and other goods, the Mitchells imported wine from across Europe, selling it all over Ireland. They introduced those empty casks to the Jameson distillery to mature their single pot still whiskies, to then sell. To identify their whiskies at the distillery, they devised a system of labelling casks with a daub of paint that identified the age of the whiskey, and thus the name of its releases was born.

“Our use of wine casks,” says Katherine Condon, Distiller at Midleton Distillers, “showcases the colourful history within the portfolio, and painting with different brushes has produced a diverse range of styles, each colour having its own unique vibrant character. “

At the heart of the Spot range lies the venerable Green Spot. Matured for a minimum of 7 to 10 years in ex-bourbon and sherry casks, Green Spot is imbued with a delicate sweetness, vibrant fruitiness, and velvety texture has earned it a revered status among connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Building upon the foundation laid by Green Spot, the range expands with the introduction of Yellow Spot. Aged for a minimum of 12 years, with a portion matured in Malaga wine casks, Yellow Spot exudes a complexity with layers of rich spices, luscious fruits, and subtle hints of chocolate.

In 2018, the Spot family welcomed a new member with the reintroduction of Red Spot, a revival of a historic recipe dating back to the early 20th century. Aged for a minimum of 15 years in a blend of ex-bourbon, sherry, and Marsala wine casks, Red Spot is bold and robust, underscored by notes of dark fruits, spices and oak.

Amidst the acclaim garnered by the Spot range, there was only one colour that could mark the next chapter, and most vibrant release, in their range. The first iteration of Gold Spot was the 9-year-old, released in 2022, and the first to contain a port maturation. That has now made way for the new 13-year-old Gold Spot ‘The Generations Edition’.

Released as if in tribute to its colourful history off the back of another National Day, this time World Art Day, the Generations Edition once again champions the use of wine casks in whiskey, maintaining the character of the Spot range, this time with a unique maturation for its final 17 months in Valpolicella casks from the Secondo Marco winery.

This final maturation elevates Gold Spot’s subtle spice notes, with the red wine adding layers of dark fruits, berry compote and creating a softly textured sweetness, finishing with a touch of oak and sweet wine. This special whiskey, the perfect balance between Irish whiskey and Italian wine, celebrates the exceptional story of seven generations of the Mitchell family, guardians of Spot Whiskey and one of Ireland’s premier wine families.

“The Spot range is more than whiskey,” Katherine says, “it’s a celebration of our shared commitment to tradition. If you think about it, the team at Midleton are merely the guardians of what the generations before us put down; it’s a big responsibility for us to ensure that what we’re putting down is as good for those coming after us. It’s about passing the history down through the generations to come.”

And Gold Spot is certainly the embodiment of that tradition. Slainte!

A non-chill filtered release bottled at 46% ABV, Gold Spot The Generations Edition is now available to purchase in limited quantities in the USA, Ireland, UK, France, Travel Retail Ireland, and Brand Homes at the RRP of £130. Link to purchase HEREFor more information on Spot Whiskey, including their history and for cocktail recipes and food pairings, please visit