Message in a Bottle, Sadlers Wells


Bringing together the legendary music of Sting and the hip-hop, high-energy choreography of triple Olivier Award nominee Kate Prince, Message in a Bottle is a jubilant celebration of music and contemporary dance. It tells a heartfelt story that resonates of current world affairs with a moving story centring on three siblings from a family torn by the ravages of war.

“I had seen Sting three or four times live, and was a massive fan,” says Kate, “and I wrote this long email to Alistair [Spalding, CEO of Sadler’s Wells] with a ‘PS I had this idea for a show based on the music of Sting’…and within a few months I was sat in a hotel lobby meeting Sting and his manager and trying to pitch this idea of a dance show…

Watch the trailer, filmed by Arb-TV director, Chris Skarratt…

“There’s such a vast range of musical styles, and lyrically he’s so poetic, and he talks about the world, so it was an easy process to find this story that I wanted to tell. Fundamentally, it’s about human resilience but also to humanise a story about refugees that so often just feels like something on the news.

“Choreography is beautiful to watch but there’s nothing like a dancer making something live in the moment, and the tricks and flips and agility and strength that some of these dancers have is extraordinary. In addition to that, there are more contemporary styles, some locking, some popping, some lyrical hip hop styles, everything’s responding to the music.

“The shows that I normally make, we write the music from scratch and that takes years, so to be in a position where I’m just listening to this music and drawing inspiration from it – and it’s such great music. For dance, it’s just brilliant.”

Message in a Bottle is a must-see show which will leave you breathless, excited, heartbroken and exulted.

Message in a Bottle runs at The Peacock Theatre until 21st March 2020. For more information and box office, visit