Puro Prestige


Arb cigar man NICK HAMMOND runs the rule over a new cigar carry case with oodles of style…

MY regular readers (and if you’re out there, God Bless the two of you) will know that I travel a fair bit these days. And I never go anywhere without a cigar.

That’s easier said than done, especially when you’re carrying precious and often expensive sticks that can easily be damaged, bent out of shape or generally manhandled like an old flame gatecrashing a wedding.

So imagine my genuine delight at catching sight of a lovely new travelling humidor, designed with the cigar lover in mind. Puro Prestige have created this rather pleasing carry box (think luxury washbag for your favourite smokes!) in fetching Ostrich leather, or indeed camo, and it includes a cedar-lined compartment complete with aluminium tubes for four big smokes, a gold or silver cigar rest and pockets for cutter, lighter and a few business cards. There’s a rumour that a new blue leather version is also set to make an appearance, and if so, that’s one eye-catching accoutrement I’d definitely like to get my hands on.

Now obviously it’s not going to be appropriate to carry copious sticks on long journeys, but it is perfect as your day case companion. Refill the tubes, make sure the lighter is topped up and you’re good to go. Just don’t leave it on the train, as I’ve done with countless prized possessions down the years.

The case looks good as well as offering sturdy protection, and the cedar and tube combination will keep your sticks fresh, providing you’re already doing your bit with humidification before you put them in there.

The classic leather version is known as the Hemingway, an appropriate enough name for a luxury piece of travel gear – and Lord knows, the famous writer did his fair share of globetrotting in his time.

Check out the Puro Prestige options available at www.puroprestige.com where cases are priced from £275.